A321, A330, A340 & A380

Hi Fly is the largest wet leasing specialist operating an all Airbus fleet. The EASA and IOSA certified and FAA approved carrier operates a fleet of large wide body aircraft, Airbus A330s, A340s and now the A380s, exclusively available for Wet Lease worldwide. Wet Lease - the supply of aircraft and crew, maintenance and insurance - is Hi Fly’s core business and has been developed with unmatched operational expertise for over a decade.

Welcoming the A380
The passengers’ favourite aircraft

The double-deck A380 is the largest commercial aircraft flying today, operating on some of the world’s longest commercial routes. Now in its eleventh year of commercial service, the A380 fleet performs more than 300 commercial flights per day on more than 120 routes operated by 14 airlines, including Hi Fly. The A380 world fleet carries some 4 million passengers every month. Today, an A380 takes off or lands every two minutes.

The A380 is an essential part of the solution to sustainable growth, doing more with less: alleviating traffic congestion at busy airports by transporting more passengers with fewer flights, more efficiently and at lower cost. The A380 is the best way to capture growing world air traffic, which doubles every 15 years. A case in point: 10% of all passengers flying to or from London’s Heathrow Airport travelled on an A380 in 2017.

The A380 has the lowest operating cost per seat of any competing wide-body aircraft. It leverages the latest technologies and is the quietest aircraft in its class.

In relation to the environment, the A380’s pioneering technologies provide lower noise levels than any other large aircraft. It generates only half the noise of the 747-400 on departure, and three-to-four times less noise on landing – while carrying up to 85% more seats. The lower noise level of the A380 coupled with its higher seating capacity when compared to its previous generation competitors like the 777 and the 747-400 means that airlines save millions of US dollars in noise charges at airports like London Heathrow.

The A380 also offers the most comfortable, quiet, efficient and innovative cabin that enables airlines to generate the highest revenue. The A380 therefore allows airlines to substantially improve their profitability and reduce their environmental footprint in terms of noise and CO2 emissions.

The A380’s two passenger decks offer an entire deck more of floor surface than the largest twin-engine aircraft, for better cabin segmentation, more comfort and optimised revenue generation.

With its unique size, the A380 allows airlines to maximise their revenue potential through an optimised cabin. Moreover, its unbeatable passenger experience leads to higher load factors and more revenue, for higher profitability.

The A380 cabin is the quietest, most flexible and spacious in the sky. It is no wonder passengers make an extra effort to opt for the comfort of the A380 – meaning higher market share, higher load factors and higher revenues for airlines.

The A330/A340 family

The combination of low operating costs, high efficiency, flexibility and optimized performance makes the Airbus A330/A340 Family popular. Continuous improvement brings the latest technology onboard these aircrafts.
The A330 provides exceptional operational flexibility at lowest cost. It combines Airbus’ fly-by-wire technology and modern onboard systems with high aerodynamic efficiency for a highly productive aircraft. Excellent short field performance and long range capability enables the A330 to be efficiently utilized on Hi Fly fleet.

The four-engine A340 has greater range at lower cost than any other long-range widebody commercial jetliner. Its market-matched capacity and unique economics make it a pathfinder to profitability on some of the world’s longest, most demanding routes.

Utilizing the same basic fuselage and wing as Airbus’ twin-engine A330, the A340 shares similar airframe structures, components and systems. This commonality is shared across the Airbus product line of widebody aircraft through the use of fly-by-wire controls and cockpits with similar layouts.

The A340 is free of long-range operating restrictions, and is able to operate at “hot and high” airports that would be off-limits to other aircraft. These capabilities give Hi Fly’s A340 the ability to eliminate unproductive stops, open new routes and match service standards to targeted market needs on very long-haul segments.